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Coordinating an event like the Bay Area Bike Swap Festival is a large endeavor with nearly 40 volunteer spots to fill to make this event a success for all!

We need lots of helpers as you can see from the Job List below! Look interesting?  We have a spot for you!

All volunteers will receive one RAD event t-shirt, 1 beverage ticket, 1 food voucher and a boatload of high-fives.

Have a question about the swap, email us.

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Bike Parts Monitor

Hang out in the consignment bike/gear sales area to support shoppers and observe those who might decide to take something home and forget to pay.

Bike Waiver Support

Assist customers to complete a waiver form prior to test ride.


Verify and log sales with paperwork in binder.


Assists at the front door to direct people when they come in.

Line Guide

Make sure people stay where they should be and help with flow.

Paperwork Assistant

Help people complete forms/tags for check-in.

Bike Runner

Take tagged bikes and parts to storage or display area.

Bike-Only Paperwork Assistant

Help people complete forms/tags for check-in.


Check paperwork and ring up sales.

Helmet Support

Assist customers to acquire a helmet prior to test ride.


Work at a local shop? Can you work a 3 hour shift? We need you!

Paperwork Pick-Up

Verify and pull paperwork for items that did not sell.

Bike Sales

Assist in customer bike selection process. Helpful to have some knowledge of “fitting” and various bikes.

Bike-Only Pick-Up

Round up items that did not sell for folks to take home.


Double-check paperwork/tags during drop-off times.

Lead Cashier

Support the cashiers, assist with technical questions, run paperwork to binder-checkers.

Outdoor Test Ride Support

Assist customers to have a safe and secure test ride experience and for the bikes to stay close.


Look like a bouncer? Make sure nothing leaves that should not leave.

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