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There are two ways to sell your items at the Bay Area Bike Swap:

  • SWAP Consignment:  Participate in the one day consignment.  Your item will be available for purchase by attendees.  We will collect payment, take a fee and send you a check.  No need to hang around and haggle a price.  For details see SWAP for Consignor Information below.

  • EXHIBITOR:  You may rent a 10'x10' booth to promote your brand or to sell items.  To see information for Exhibitors CLICK HERE.


There is a one time $20 fee to register as a consignor.  As a registered consignor you may register multiple items to consign.  There is 10% commission fee for any item sold.  Any items not sold may be picked up at the end of the swap or donated to a charity identified by the Bay Area Bike Swap. The details:

You may register using the form below.  Online registrations will close on Friday April 14, 2023.

You must bring your items to check in on Saturday May 6th between 9 AM and 10:00 AM at Heather Farms.  Detailed check in information will be provided to you once registered.

If you do not want to consign but want to just donate your bike?  CLICK HERE

  • Bay Area Bike Swap is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.
  • Items that can be consigned include: kids bikes, adult bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, bike trailers, bike racks, seats, chest pads, helmets*, clothing, etc.  (Note: * Helmets must be new.)  If you have something you would like to consign but are not sure, please reach out to us at

  • All items must be in good, like new and new condition. We will only accept new helmets. 

  • We reserve the right to reject items that are broken, over worn or don't meet swap criteria.

  • Consignor will determine the sales price.  All items must be priced in whole dollar amounts.

  • Consignor may indicate if an item can taken for a test ride.  Bay Area Bike Swap will require collateral for test riders.

  • Any items not sold MUST be picked up between 4 pm - 5:30pm on May 6, 2023 (the day of the Swap.) Any item left after 4PM Sunday May 1st will be donation to The Bay Area Bike Swap.

  • Payments will be made by check and mailed 14 days after swap.

  • Consignor registration fee:  $20 per individual/family, plus

  • A commission fee is applied to any item sold.  The commission rate is 10% of the final sale price, with a maximum of $300, per item.

  • Payment, less the commission, will be provided to Consignor within 14 days of sale by mail to the address supplied during registration and confirmed at check in.

  • Bay Area Bike Swap and Event Volunteers are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

  • Already registered and need to pay your one-time Consignor registration fee? Registration fee can be paid at our donation website  PAY HERE.  Select [$20] and choose [Consignor Registration Fee] in the drop-down menu.

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